Open Connections Wellness Clinic values achieving real results for our clients. We want you to feel really good about yourself, be in charge of your life, be free from your past, and feel clear and excited about your future.

‘To feel peace is to experience connection with the people and world around you’ – Rachael Dunn.

We support our clients to find solutions, resolve stress patterns, achieve emotional and physical balance, experience calm and mental clarity, expanded awareness, increased energy and motivation.  Being free of emotional pain, outdated attitudes, habits, beliefs and procrastination make moving forward easy. Our natural state is to create a balanced and fulfilling life.  We help you to tap into your power and resources to achieve personal excellence in relationships, career, health – whatever is important to you.

We help bridge the gap from where you are now – to where you would like to be.

Why Open Connections?

With over 20 years in the healing industry our clients benefit from clinical experience and knowledge, combined with the latest most effective techniques and research, ensuring you get immediate results.

You will get back what you put into your session.

Our Approach

Our therapeutic approach strongly believe in our clients inner strengths and capabilities.  Everyone has within them resources and unique talents to continue developing. Our clients are warmly regarded and welcomed into a supportive and comfortable space where they are encouraged to be real. We get to know our clients so that we can know how to help them best.

We never judge – we know that people are not their behaviours!

We also have very close relationships with visiting practitioners and an easy referral system to other therapists who we absolutely trust in. We can connect you with experienced
• osteopaths
• naturopaths
• chiropractors
• herbal medicine practitioners
• homeopaths
• iridologists
• acupuncturists

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