Open Connections Wellness Clinic values achieving real results for our clients. We want you to feel really good about yourself, be in charge of your life, be free from your past, and feel clear and excited about your future.

‘To feel peace is to experience connection with the people and world around you’ – Rachael Dunn.

We support our clients to find solutions, resolve stress patterns, achieve emotional and physical balance, experience calm and mental clarity, expanded awareness, increased energy and motivation.  Being free of emotional pain, outdated attitudes, habits, beliefs and procrastination make moving forward easy. Our natural state is to create a balanced and fulfilling life.  We help you to tap into your power and resources to achieve personal excellence in relationships, career, health – whatever is important to you.

We help bridge the gap from where you are now – to where you would like to be.

Why Open Connections?

With over 20 years in the healing industry our clients benefit from clinical experience and knowledge, combined with the latest most effective techniques and research, ensuring you get immediate results.

You will get back what you put into your session.

Our Approach

Our therapeutic approach strongly believe in our clients inner strengths and capabilities.  Everyone has within them resources and unique talents to continue developing. Our clients are warmly regarded and welcomed into a supportive and comfortable space where they are encouraged to be real. We get to know our clients so that we can know how to help them best.

We never judge – we know that people are not their behaviours!

We also have very close relationships with visiting practitioners and an easy referral system to other therapists who we absolutely trust in. We can connect you with experienced
• osteopaths
• naturopaths
• chiropractors
• herbal medicine practitioners
• homeopaths
• iridologists
• acupuncturists

Our services

    AKA – Australian Kinesiology Association – Practitioner Level

    ATMS – Australian Traditional Medicine Society (Kinesiology Practitioner Level; Remedial Therapies)

    American Board of Hypnotherapy – Registered, Certified and Master Hypnotherapist

    American Board of NLP – Registered, Certified and Master Practitioner

    Time Line Therapy Association – Master Practitioner Level

    Australian Counselling Association – Registered Practicing Counsellor


    Open Connections Wellness Clinic will always provide equal and fair treatment to each client regardless of their age, sex, culture, religious or spiritual practices, socio-economic status or sexual preferences.


    Our service is 100 % confidential, and every measure is taken to protect our client privacy.  Client records can only be released if you request in writing, or in the very unusual circumstance as a requirement of the court.

  • CRISIS SUPPORT – 24 / 7

    Lifeline 131 114
    Mensline Australia 1300 789 978
    Kids Helpline 1800 551 800
    Child Abuse Prevention Service 1800 688 009
    Sids and Kids 1300 789 978


    Most of our clients come into our Holland Park Private Practice.  We also SKYPE or take telephone appointments for our interstate and overseas clients.


    The ancient art of massage has been used for 1000’s of years to assist healing, soothe sore muscles,

    restore flexibility and calm the nervous system.

    • heal back pain, headaches, sciatica
    • reach fitness goals by repairing muscles and soft tissue injuries
    • increase flexibility and reduce pain
    • experience healthy relaxed states
    • prevent injury
    • promote healing to feel young again

    Here at Open Connections we have specialised in treating pain, preventing injury and causing deep relaxation since 1994!


    When you need support and understanding.

    If you have experienced any kind of grief or loss, past trauma, relationship or personal issues then counselling will help you to move through with more awareness, as well as support you in making changes.  Counselling can help you to improve your life and relationships as well as assist you to

    • understand yourself, your partner, family, and others
    • explore options and make decisions
    • resolve family disputes and improve relationships
    • effectively communicate
    • safely move through grief
    • get the help you need following trauma

    Remember to always seek help immediately if you are in crisis, or at risk at hurting yourself or another. See CRISIS SUPPORT for agencies, call an ambulance, GP, family member or friend – someone who you know will act and take you seriously.  It only takes 1 minute to reach out to find support and care.


    If you are ready to let go of old emotions and limiting decisions then this is the most effective and simple set of techniques available.  You do not even need to talk about the problem!  Time Line Therapy® has helped people to easily release highly charged emotional and mental states like

    • Anger
    • Guilt
    • Sadness
    • Pain
    • I’m not good enough
    • I don’t deserve…
    • I am dumb

    Our clients love Time Line Therapy ® not only because it is so easy, but also so that they have experienced

    • emotional awareness
    • release from the past
    • freedom
    • increase in consciousness
    • calm and relaxation

    Please note that this is the only genuine Time Line Therapy® – and that I have been trained by the world leaders in NLP and Hypnotherapy – The Tad James Co.  


    Hypnosis is a ‘natural state’ where YOU are in control

    Hypnotherapy is consciously talking to your unconscious mind (UCM).  It is a meditative state which has been scientifically proven to be highly effective in changing many repetitive behaviours, promote healing by suggesting to the UCM new thoughts, concepts and ideas to alter beliefs about reality.  Hypnotherapy is completely safe – it is a natural state which we experience many times every day during normal activities.  Watching TV, exercising, and even driving are all “trancy” states.  Hynotherapy has helped clients to

    • Quit smoking
    • Manage pain
    • Anxiety and stress release
    • Manage weight
    • Enhance performance

    ‘You can change your world by changing your words’
    Joel Osteen-Pastor


    Enhance your performance with NLP.  NLP is highly effective and results orientated. We can use NLP for

    • Performance
    • Motivation
    • Career development
    • Achieving goals
    • Relationship issues
    • Conflict and dispute resolution
    • Confidence
    • Creativity
    • Effective communication
    • Success and going beyond your perceived limitations
    • Accessing positive states
    • Learning
    • Stage fright

    Human Beings process information through the 5 senses and communicate through both verbal and nonverbal language.  Neural representations are coded and assigned meaning which then has the effect of influencing the mind in achieving or not achieving our desires.   When we discover and effect our programming we attain our desired outcomes.

    ‘You play on the stage created by your thoughts’
    Dr Kirby Surprise


    Just imagine if your body could talk… what would you ask it?

    Well it actually can communicate.  We can Muscle Monitor to pinpoint imbalances in the emotional, mental, chemical and structural systems, as well as the energetic bodies.  When we locate and resolve these stress patterns, our bodies natural healing abilities are re-activated so that health and vitality are restored.  Kinesiology has been known to

    • Stimulate healing and energy
    • Increase learning and memory
    • Locate and correct Sabotage
    • Find solutions to problems
    • Resolve conflict
    • Clear Emotions, old attitudes, habits, fear and more.

    Kinesiology is master at getting to the heart of an issue – find real solutions and your most appropriate correction.

    Kinesiology does not diagnose symptoms, but instead addresses underlying stress patterns associated with an imbalance.

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeths ability as a natural healer assist her to locating pain and trauma, while soothing away aches and stress resulting in deep healing and relaxation. Her therapeutic and caring approach ensure you receive the best massage possible.
    It is important to review each clients unique situation and consider their age, fitness level, injury, history, and pain level so that they can benefit from and enjoy their treatment.
    Feel comfortable that you are in good hands.
    Elizabeth has been a Massage Therapist since 1999 and is also a trained counsellor. She is currently completing her Diploma of Community Counselling as well as completing a BA of Secondary Education – busy girl!

  • Rachael
    You deliberately create what YOU want out of life – that is the most important thing to me.
    This starts with me getting to know what you desire to change, as well as understanding what is already working for you.
    Good open communication helps us to know your current reality, so that we can work together in helping you to Connect with your power and find true meaning in your life.
    I am passionate about supporting clients to eliminate obstacles, release pain and fear so that they can shape their lives to experience vitality, freedom, harmony and reveal their true potential. And yes I love my life’s work!!

    Rachael has been in business since 1994 with qualifications that include Kinesiology Practitioner, NLP Masters, Counselling, Hypnotherapy Masters, Remedial Therapies, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, Iridology, Reflexology and more.


By Rachael | Published July 24 , 2014

Open Connections Wellness ClinicWe’’ve heard it over a thousand times and that is because it is true – exercise does help to manage stress! Exercise and Stress Hormones: Exercise can decrease ‘stress hormones’ like cortisol and increase endorphins, your body’s ‘feel-good’ chemicals which elevates mood, and clears the mind. This is the chemistry behind a ‘runners high.

Healing your heart
By Rachael | Published July 25 , 2014

Open Connections Wellness ClinicThere is no healing without a healing of the heart” true healing requires us to explore our mind and emotions without judgement and to tune into our higher compassionate nature where forgiveness and peace can emerge. True healing involves the heart and re-connecting to its amazing energy and power. When we are afraid and shamed.

  • Rachael has incredible skill in helping you to help yourself.  She has helped me find patterns, and get me straight to the cause of my chaos quickly and easily, so that I have turned my personal and professional life around.  I now consciously create the life that I want.

    Chancie, Stones Cnr, QLD
  • When I feel stressed or unable to process the masses of stimuli that come into my world I use Rachael’s amazing ability to uncover the underlying patterns that stop me from coping.

    Stuart, Gold Coast, QLD
  • Rachael Dunn is a professional and an amazingly talented practitioner. She has a warm, compassionate and encouraging presence, that makes you feel comfortable.

    Always she has been able to help us work through many difficult and emotionally stressful situations.

    Meredith, Mt Gravatt, QLD
  • Rachael is amazing!  I had suffered with anxiety for years and Rachael helped me to clear it in 1 hour.

    Monique, Holland Park, QLD
  • My family travels to see Rachael every school holidays.  She has helped us to reconnect and create a harmonious family home again

    Manly, NSW
  • I never thought I would be able to stop nail biting and now I have lovely hands that I feel proud of!

    Anne-Marie, The Gap, QLD
  • Elizabeth is a very tuned in massage therapist. She genuinely cares about helping her clients to feel amazing.

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